"My two children’s natures are like chalk and cheese but they have both loved attending Gymbaroo at Lane Cove. I have loved seeing them both develop their confidence, physical and social skills through the fun activities. They love playing on the equipment, the anticipation of the treasure bag, music and parachute. The “pack away” song has come in very handy at home too! I would recommend Gymbaroo to anyone looking for a great activity to do with their children." 
Emma H

"My 15 month old son and I have been attending Gymbaroo for a year.My little one absolutely loves going each week. Christine and her team are very friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend it as it's great for parents and children." 

"GymbaRoo is an exciting, interactive and social activity where you can bond with your little one whilst make new friends. It's educational, physically challenging and visually stimulating and I would highly recommend it as a must do activity." 
Rachel and Rhys

"I've done Gymbaroo at Lane Cove or Greenwich for the past 3 terms, and it's been wonderful for both my baby and myself! We have done baby exercises and massage, play and of course adventurous time in the gym. He's always had a great time and I definitely feel like we've got a lot out of it! I'd definitely recommend!" 
Alexis B

"Initially, I was a little sceptical about Gymbaroo. However, after a couple of weeks I could see how much enjoyment my son was getting out of the activities and I could more importantly see his confidence and physical development grow. Christine's knowledge, skills and manner with the children is fabulous." 

"My twins started at Gymbaroo when they had just turned 2. They LOVED it, and I loved that they loved it. Christine is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, gentle but firm and very caring towards the kids. Gymbaroo very quickly became part of the girls' lives. The singing, dancing, games and skills they learnt became part of their daily routine. So much fun! I'm happy to answer any questions if other prospective gymbaroo parents want to pm me. " 
Monica Kerr

"Both my children have attended GymbaROO and thoroughly enjoyed it. The team at Lane Cove are engaging, making the program both fun and educational for the children & parents. " 
Julia W

"Our family has benefited from an ongoing involvement with GymbaROO. Christine’s classes are always fun and we take home ideas which inspire and promote learning in our everyday activities, from birth through to pre-school. " 
Sarah W

"As a father on Paternity leave, I found Gymbaroo was a great place to take my daughter. Christine and her team take a professional and fun approach to children’s development and I highly recommend the classes! World class! " 
Martin C

"Since enrolling Maddison into BabyROO, her patience for tummy time and co-ordination have really advanced. As she becomes more interactive I can see that she really enjoys her time at the classes, using all of the equipment, and seeing all of her new friends! I would recommend any parent to enroll their baby into BabyROO not only to help the advancement of their children both physically and socially but also to learn educational games to play with them and most of all to have fun while doing it! " 

"Annabelle loves GymbaROO! From her time in the gym, to dancing to the music and the wonder of treasure bag, she happily skips, jumps, runs and hops to each activity, growing in skill and confidence week by week. I recommend GymbaROO to all my friends with little ones. I don't think there is any other type of children's class or activity that provides such a comprehensive range of developmental opportunities, all wrapped up in a fun, high energy and safe environment. I think the parents and carers enjoy it as much as the kids!" 

"Rose and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Greenwich GymbaROO sessions that Christine has run. The gym that is set up is awesome and Rose has gained enormous confidence exploring the different apparatus and above all she has lots of fun. The mat sessions are great and the knowledge and interest that Christine shows will keep us going back for more." 

"Gymberoo became the highlight of our week, both bub and mum alike loved the singing and dancing, and it was a great way to get ideas for playtime at home! " 

"My son and daughter go to both Lane Cove and Greenwich GymbaROO. We found Christine very engaging and holds the attention of children in all activities. She also works extremely well to meet those specific objectives during each class. Apart from seeing great improvement in our children's physical development, we also see the valuable building of self confidence - from our children saying "Can't can't...mommy help" to 'I did it!...I did it!' which is something that must be achieved through obstacles. GymbaROO has provided this exact learning platform. I also like the small developmental bits of information prior to the group time that keeps us, the busy parents, informed of what we should look out for. We cannot rate GymbaROO Lane Cove and Greenwich high enough! Thank you Christine." 

"A BIG thankyou to Christine and Anabel for making each week an enjoyable experience. I started a bit unsure about joining BabyRoo; now we have moved into the GymbaRoo class and I can’t see us stopping anytime soon! We love it and little miss gets so much out of it. " 
Demi & Baby A

"Poppy has been attending Gymbaroo for a year, since 4 months of age and she and I both look forward to each weekly class. The knowledge Christine shares with us on development, growth and learning has been invaluable and has given us the tools for confident parenting and a confident child. Along with Christine's impressive energy levels, the welcoming support from Annabel and the wonderful supply of new toys, games and songs, I cannot recommend Gymbaroo highly enough. " 

"I started to attend Gymbaroo with my daughter when she was about 14 months old. I needed something more active and challenging and we had a friend already attending the class with her son. It has been great to see her grow in confidence and coordination and she loves repeating some of the activities at home as well. Gymbaroo is a great opportunity to use toys and experience activities that you would not necessarily think of at home, let alone have space for the equipment! We look forward to continuing Gymbaroo for many terms to come. " 

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